I make music since I was a child but it has become a real passion with the discovery of electronic music and my first synthesizer. Additional equipment like drum computer and sequencer followed to cover songs from Anne Clark, Depeche Mode, Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk.  After some years playing keyboards and singing in hard rock and progressive metal bands I found my way back to electronic music after visiting a Psytrance party and dancing the whole night to this new sound. I have become a real Progressive Psytrance lover from the Atmos release „Headcleaner“ in 2000. In December 2002 I performed my first live act as a Psytrance artist. In Cologne I appreciated to finish my studies of Musicology with specialisation in – guess what – electroacoustic music 🙂 But now I have come to the point that it is time to create and release my own vision of psychadelic eletronic music.