About me

SCION OF MARS is more than just a project. It is a matter close to the heart, which waited for years to finally be brought to life. This was initiated by a deep trance state triggered by a wonderful melody while dancing at one of my first Goaparties. The will to preserve this moment and to make it experienceable again and again led me to produce my own psychedelic dance music. The emergence of the progressive style at the beginning of the new millennium was like a revelation for me, combining psychedelic as well as desired melodic and deep grooving elements. After founding my family and completing my musicological studies in electroacoustic music, I was finally able to get going. And so my music never gets excited and chases after the last trend, but searches in the fluffy grooving tracks always for the trance inducing element, which wants to give the dancer a smile in the morning hours. Scion Of Mars is a morning psygressive walk to the paths of consciousness and innovation.